National Institute for Drama and art

With a view to establish a center for artists of the country for their drama rehearsals, ,which has become a grave issue of the field, foundation stone was laid to construct National Institute for Drama and art in February 2003 obtaining a land from the Government. Main objective of this institution is the teaching drama and theater, providing space for rehearsals, and making avenues for training of musicians and film artists. Since the unavailability of an institution at national level has become a grave hindrance for the development in the industry, action was taken to establish such institution. Even though private tutors conduct classes on higher fees for the benefit of children, action was taken to establish this center for the benefit of artists, who have no means to step forward, as well as for children of poor parents.

It was intended basically to establish an institution for teaching all parts connected to drama and theater. Further it was intended that, the courses should be conducted with the capacity to issue a diploma certificate recognized at National level, the duration of such course should be three years and The administration of the center should be under an independent committee, and the committee should consist of representatives appointed from Provincial Council and a representative appointed by H.E. the President. It has been pointed out that it is necessary to maintain such institution at national level. At present there are no cultural center, institute for drama and theater and school for performance art in the country. Therefore buildings of the center should be designed to facilitate theses three sectors. Therefore action has been taken to make spaces for class rooms, library facilities, the main theater, an open arena, main and sub theaters and open theaters. It has been mentioned that it is advisable to reserve space for three small groups and two large groups for their rehearsals whilst recovering a reasonable fee for the facility. A committee has been appointed under the chairmanship of Mr Naveen Gunaratne, Architect, to deal with the matters pertaining to the theater and another committee has been appointed regarding the educational institution.

Western Province Aesthetic Resort

Western Province Aesthetic Resort has been declared by the Gazette Extra Ordinary of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka No. 1932/70 dated Friday, September 18th , 2015 as an Authority belonging to the Ministry of Education, Cultural and Arts Affairs, Sports and Youth Affairs and Information Technology of the Western province.


A proud and righteous community enriched with taste and heritages of local culture and art, which appreciates the morals and lives with coexistence


A proud and righteous community enriched with taste and heritages of local culture and art, which appreciates the morals and lives with coexistence

Administrative authority of western province aesthetic resort

  1. Two Members Will Be Appointed Officially  that is,
    • The secretary of the cultural ministry of western province or a senior officer who has being nominated by the secretary.
    • A Senior Staff Officer of Provincial Treasury Which Appointed With the Concurrence of the Finance Minister of Western Province.
  2. Members Which Appointed By The Cultural Minister Of Western Province
    • Three experts who have extensive experience and well knowledge about music, drama, dance, or film arts will be elected.
    • One of the members which have being selected by the minister of cultural affairs of western province will be the chairman of aesthetic resort administrative authority.

The western province aesthetic resort administrative authorities are as follows.

  1. Mr. Sriyantha Mendis – Chairman
  2. Mr. M.W.S Cooray ( Director Budget – Western Province) – Member
  3. Mr. P. Kanishka Srilal ( Assistant Secretary Ministry Of Cultural Affairs ) – Member
  4. Mr. Jagath Wickramasinghe – Member
  5. Mr. S.M. Priyamal D. Smarathunga – Member
  6. Mrs. G.N.D. Salpitikorala ( Director Western Province Aesthetic Resort) – Secretary

Western province aesthetic resort staff

Mr. Sriyantha Mendis

Mrs.Nirosha Salpitikorala
BM, (Hon) HRM, Master of Arts (Economics), CBA (ICASA), Intermediate (CMA)

Head of Music
Mr.Gihan Hasmin Gunasekera
B.P.A. (Hon) Western Music Classical Guitar Special (University Of Visual and Performing Arts), Grade 8(Classical Guitar) Trinity College (London), Visharada of Music (Laknow)

Head of Dancing

Financial Assistant
Mrs. Harsha Madushani
High National Diploma in Accountancy (SLIATE)

Management Assistant
Mrs. Priyangika Dilrukshi

Management Assistant
Mr. Kasun Wijewardhana

Mr. Sandun Priyankara Bethmage

Office Assistant
Mr. M.D. Priyantha